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Grote SNP-505 Modular Slicer

Condition: Used/Reconditioned

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Grote SNP-505 Modular Slicer
Grote’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer offers a cantilevered design, allowing it to fit directly over your production line and slice and apply products directly onto buns or trays as they pass beneath the slicer. Product logs can be continuously loaded for optimum yields. Ideal for sandwich lines, small pizza crusts and continuous dough lines, the SNP-505 combines adjustable production rates, adjustable slicing head height, and a reversible frame for left-hand or right-hand operation. Grote’s patented AccuBand® blade system ensures optimal slice quality while a user-friendly keypad lets you adjust functions with the touch of a finger.


Adjustable speed up to 120 strokes per minute

Target and bulk slice modes

 5” (127 mm) x 4.8” (121.92 mm) maximum product size

 26” (660.4 mm) tall product holder

Adjustable deposit height

Variable slice thickness up to 3/8” (9.52 mm)

Cantilevered frame with pedestal base

Stainless steel construction

All electric drive

Emergency stop button

Locking casters

Blade motor: 1.5 H.P.

Electrical requirements: 200 - 240 VAC/ 50/60 Hz/ 1 Phase

Utilizes AccuBand® cutting system

Continuous product loading during operation

Gravity feed product method

Dimensions: 1100 mm x 850 mm x 1650 mm.

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