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SOLD | CFS Dixie Union UniSlicer 1998

The CFS Dixie Union UniSlicer (1998 model) stands for enormous flexibility in three ways: in high speed slicing, up to 600 slices / min, and slicing both a wide variety of products and portion patterns (shingle & stack). Thanks to manual product loading, it is possible to change from one product to another within a short time by means of grippers and changing the program. The portion pattern is stored in every program. The compact design makes it easy to integrate the slicer into existing production systems. A hygienic design and good accessibility for wet cleaning are taken for granted. Suitable for ham, bacon, cheese, ham and a wide range of sausage.
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


  • Machine number: 450.1825
  • Year of construction: 1998
  • Power:  400 V, 50 Hz, 6.3 kW
  • Belt width: 350 mm
  • Dimensions: 3800  x 800  x 2000 mm
  • Very high speed slicing 600 slices/minute
  • Attractive product presentation: the UniSlicer cuts stacked and shingled portion patterns commonly employed in the market for sausage, dry-cured and cooked ham, bacon and cheese at a high level of quality.
  • Store slicing program parameters in memory.
  • Flexibility with regard to portion patterns: functions like shingle & stack.
  • Maximum product utilisation: dynamic high-performance weighing equipment and the variable portion sequence optimise product utilisation on the UniSlicer.
  • High degree of product safety thanks to easy accessibility and hygienic design for effective wet cleaning.
  • Line compatibility: the UniSlicer is also easy to integrate into fully automated packaging lines.
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