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Risco RS200 Frontal Discharge Twin Paddle Mixer

Condition: Used/Reconditioned
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Risco RS200 Frontal Discharge Twin Paddle Mixer
The Risco RS200 Frontal Discharge Twin Paddle Mixer is the ideal machine for small-medium meat industrial plants. It can mix every type of meat product or any other mixable product. Constructed entirely of stainless steel accurately polished, it adds the unequalled advantage of the mixing system with intersecting mixing paddles and the frontal automatic discharge of the product, allowing output directly into trolleys, an emulsifier, a transfer pump, or directly into a screw conveyor.


Twin stainless steel mixing paddles.

Frontal discharge and unload. 

Open hopper for mix inspection and adding spices and additives. 

Forward and reverse mixing directions. 

Hopper dimensions:  750mm x 495mm x 440mm

Hopper capacity: 100Kg 

Total Dimensions: 1650mm x 650mm x 1200mm

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