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Ruhle Frozen Block Guillotine GFR450

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Ruhle Frozen Block Guillotine GFR450
The Ruhle frozen block guillotine operates at 45 times a minute with the robust cutter bar cutting up to 35 mm pieces off a frozen block. The mechanical parts are under immense stress during this process. That’s why a generous dimensioned guide system for the bar and heavy steel plates guarantee a reliable and permanent stability



Model: GFR450
Year of build: 2005
Passage height: 250 mm.
Passage width: 450 mm.
Working height: 1000 mm.
Length of machine: 1430 mm.
Width of machine: 690 mm.
Height of machine: 1360 mm.
Knife strokes: 45 p/min.
Performance: 3000 kg/h.
Connected load: 5.5 kW.
Weight of machine: 240 kg.
Standard carriage height: 710 mm

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