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SOLD | LASKA - Guillotine Frozen Meat Cutter

LASKA frozen meat cutters are best suited for cutting deep-frozen meat and fat as well as frozen fish, cheese, vegetables etc.

Frozen meat cutters are designed to cut complete blocks of deep-frozen material before this material is processed further in splitters or mincers. The frozen material to be cut is fed through a loading mechanism and mostly dispatched into standard transport vehicles after cutting.
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


Frozen blocks of meat are cut into slabs of adjustable thickness by a cutting beam that moves up and down with an interchangeable cutting knife affixed to it. These slabs can be simultaneously portioned into smaller pieces by using additional cross-cutting knives. The guillotine cutter can process material with a temperature as low as -20°C.

Performance data:

Temperature: -20°C
Cross-section (mm): 520x300
Cutting thickness (mm): 15 - 60
Capacity: up to 5 to/h

Advantages in the manufacture of quality products

+ In comparison to frozen meat mincers that ruin the meat texture through considerable bruising, frozen meat cutters carefully handle the material to be cut so that there is less quality loss in the finished product.
+ In comparison to rapidly running rotary grinders, the use of which results in the production of miniscule pieces and meat meal, slow yet powerful counter-cutting cylinders offer an optimal and product-preserving processing method.

Advantages in machine construction

+ High quality machines with a high degree of operational safety, long period of value retention and operating life
+ In comparison to frame constructions that can already become rusty after a short period of time and that are only housed in thin palettes or use components out of unstable synthetics, our frozen meat cutters boast a stable, self-supporting construction method with thick palettes of stainless steel
+ Patented system of cutting cylinders
+ LASKA frozen meat cutters achieve a greater output performance than frozen meat mincers with less energy consumption
+ Engine elements in a closed machine body - optimal protection against dirt
+ Low noise levels through a closed floor panel
+ Dependency through a robust special worm gear engine
+ Space-saving design
+ Height-adjustable, vibration-muffled mounting foot
+ Conforms to international safety and accident prevention regulations

Advantages in electrical features

+ Low electricity consumption through optimized drive and control technology
+ Switch cabinet made out of stainless steel results in a longer operating life of the electrical switch equipment and construction components
+ Simple and clear protected relay control system for high operational safety
+ Electrical safety switches for optimal work safety

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