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Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner

Condition: Used/Reconditioned
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Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner
The Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner is a compact, high quality and efficient membrane skinning machine suitable for butcher shops, boning rooms and other meat production environments, it is a highly efficient means of removing the tough membrane from pork and beef muscle. It is easy to clean and operate with an ergonomic operating height and foot operated paddle operation. This machine has been reconditioned and is a very high quality and well built piece of machinery. Please note, this membrane skinner can be converted to a derinder with a few interchangeable parts.


Note: The Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner can be converted for use as a derinder with the addition of a few interchangeable parts.
  • Removes membrane from various meat cuts
  • The derinder uses a specially designed revolving tooth roll with disposable blades.
Dimensions650 x 880 x 950 (mm)
Power380 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Working Width  510mm 
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