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MAJA SRA8000 Mobile Membrane Skinning Machine

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MAJA SRA8000 Mobile Membrane Skinning Machine
The MAJA SRA 8000 is suitable as a fully automatic machine for skinning of mostly flat sections, such as pigs upper - and lower bowl, cover pieces, hip, pork-and-shoulder as well as various flat parts of beef and veal . Featuring integrated reversing mechanism to remove the membrane on both sides of the sections, adaptation to different levels of cuts and easy to use, even by unskilled personnel. This mobile and robust machine is well suited to customers requiring simplicity and efficiency.


 overall dimensions 3163mm x 872mm x 1379 mm;

power supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph; 1 kW

working width 495 mm; • blade 499x20x1 mm;

•motor main drive 165/min; 

motor rotation roller drive 85/min; 

rotating roller 40,8/min;

pull roller 31,8 m/min;

supply belt 18,3 m/min;

discharge belt 28,2 m/min;

connection via 3/8" quick coupling;

connection hose inner diameter 6 mm;

operating pressure 6 bar;

air consumption Air purification system approx. 300 l/min;

air consumption Short stroke cylinder approx. 377 cubic centimeters per stroke;

air consumption Rotary drive approx. 497 cubic centimeters per ejection;

weight approx. 500 kg.

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