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Grasselli AB-520 DD Derinder

Condition: Used/Reconditioned

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Grasselli AB-520 DD Derinder
The Grasselli model AB 520 DD Pork Derinder and Defatter automatically derinds and defats to pre-selected fat depth, boneless pork loins, backs, bellies and shoulder meat for efficient fat depth and yield controls. Infeed and outfeed conveyors are height adjustable for linking a second unit or in-line system installation.

Full 520 DD is operated and controlled by electronics, electrics and pneumatic combined in one system. Electronics controls pre-selection of fat depth whilst electrics provide motive power. Pneumatics give infinitely variable control over product hold down pressure.


  • Useable working width of 520 mm
  • Gear shaft in special high-resistance steel and triple bearings to extend durability and to ensure constant performance in time.
  • Totally automatic machines for IN LINE solutions
  • Modern design with seamless welding and rounded edges to improve cleaning.
  • Machine base made entirely of 6-mm thick stainless steel, tested and certificated as being non-radioactive.
  • Motor, electrical system and mechanical parts all accessible from two very handy side panels.
  • Possibility of washing all parts without using tools.
  • Power: 3PH 400V 50Hz  2.2Kw  5.2A
  • Belt width: 520mm
  • Dimensions: 2200mm x 950mm x 1400mm 

Model AB520 automatically skins/derinds the full range of pork cuts including bellies, boneless loins, boneless loins boneless legs shoulders and difficult pieces like jowls and small trim features full 520mm skinning / derinding width for even the widest cuts. 

Infeed product hold down is pneumatically controlled and fully adjustable for even  the most difficult products. System design give gentle and precise hold down control which avoid damage to lean meat Different hold down rubber rollers are available for special applications-offers you total versatility. 

Can be installed online operator required of off-line requiring only one operator. 

Manufactured with top quality stainless materials for stainless materials for strength, durability and hygiene. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards complying with CE and USDA regulations. Featuring no tools disassembly for clean up. Disassembly for clean up takes just a few minute. Probably THE STRONGEST pork skinner/derinder available - will give many years life in the toughest production environments. 

Unique pneumatic skinning/derinding blade system.

Automatically skins to correct thickness every time which means top yields and less rejects.

Skinning blade position does not change angle during skinning therefore blade stays sharper longer. Skinning/derinding thickness can be changed at any time even when running therefore giving you total yield control. 

All Grasselli models offer TOTAL ACCESS MAINTENANCE which means easily to maintain and work on. Low and affordable spare parts mean lower operating cost. 

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