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Tecnotrip EVA-9-11 Automatic Discharge Vacuum Packing Machine

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Tecnotrip EVA-9-11 Automatic Discharge Vacuum Packing Machine
Manufactured in Spain, the Tecnotrip EVA-9-11 is an Automatic Discharge large capacity single chamber vacuum packer intended for use in food service, large butcher shops, small goods makers, boning rooms and other uses requiring a highly efficient large capacity vacuum packing machine with automatic discharge.

It ushers in a new level of productivity for vacuum packing with fully automatic processes: moving of the lid, discharge of the product and discharge time of the product, featuring highly sensitive sensors for operator safety, full stainless steel construction, a 250 m3/h vacuum pump, height adjustable conveyor controlled by the program and can be ordered with three different seal bar configurations, each seal bar is made from a solid material and are air-cooled to prolong life and operating efficiency. The cycle is started by buttons on the front of the machine, the full process is automatic; opening & closing of the hood and then discharge of the product.

The EVA-9-11 has an digital user interface, it can be fitted with an optional gas flush system and utilise's Tecnotrip's advanced programmable CMD digital controller, allowing up to 30 separate programs to be stored and digital intelligent control of the vacuum level. A range of sealing options are possible with EVA-9-11: Double Individual Adjustable Sealing or Simple Sealing + Excess Bag Cut Off


  • Manufactured according to the strictest quality and control standards
  • In accordance with CE standards
  • Built in stainless steel and according to the food sector regulations
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • E-stop button
  • Automatic opening and closing of hood by pnuematics
  • Advanced sensors ensure operator safety on hood closing system
  • Easily removable stainless steel framed conveyor with polyurethane belt making cleaning simple
  • Gas (optional), carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and oxygen (O2), protects the packaging of fragile products, avoids deformation and keeps the colour of the meat
  • Discharge of packaging by conveyor belts, height adjustable according to the size of packaging
  • Solid material seal bars which are air-cooled to prolong seal bar life
  • Save up to 30 unique programs
  • Vacuum controlled by digital sensor
  • Intelligent control of vacuum
  • Gas intake controlled by sensor
  • Progressive air intake 'SOFT-AIR'
  • Vacuum check program
  • Test program
  • Cycle meter
  • Oil change control
  • Pump pre-heating program
  • Bioactive Sealing and bag excess cutting individually adjustable

Tecnotrip's 30+ years of experience, advanced technology and the optimisation of manufacturing processes has allowed Tecnotrip to develop a new concept in bench-top vacuum packing machines, offering maximum quality and advanced features at a competitive price. Small in size but with large capacity and performance similar to much larger industrial machines.

Equipped with a 30 program advanced microprocessor and with functions such as: sensor control of vacuum and gas injection, intelligent control of vacuum (the controller will select the best vacuum to be applied according to the product) and 'SOFT-AIR' technology ensure an ease to your packaging requirements.

Features Gradual Air Intake - 'Soft-Air'

Intelligent control of the air inlet speed in the vacuum chamber avoids the movement of product within the bag and minimises the chance of perforating the film due to the strong impact of the incoming air.

CMD Technology

Constant technological improvement and Tecnotrip's 30+ years experience manufacturing vacuum packing equipment has culminated in the creation of a unique new CMD digital controller.

Tecnotrip Sealing Systems

Additional Information

Chamber Size (mm)1175 x 665 x 300 (250)
Machine Size (mm)1543 x 1050 x 1200
Vacuum Pump (m3/h)250
Electrical Connection400V 50Hz 3 Phase
Power (Kw)5.5
Gas FlushOptional
Sealing SystemNo
Cycles / Minute2-3
Machine Weight (kg)550
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