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PACIFIC Automatic Rotary Cup and Tray Sealer

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PACIFIC Automatic Rotary Cup and Tray Sealer
The PACIFIC automatic rotary tray and cup sealer is perfect for any restaurant catering company, food manufacturer or wholesale suplier who wishes to package and seal a wide variety of products from ready made meals, sauces, soups, drinks, meat, curries etc.


1. PLC control and with Index Gear Rotary table, easy to Sealing and bordered cutting.
2. Easy interchangeable sealing head design.
3. Able to accommodate a wide rang of bottles and containers.
4. Thermostat controlled heating with digital temperature read out.
5. Emergency stop button.
6. Stainless steel and Alu. Alloy construction.
7. Able to run plain or printed films.
8. Custom built to customer’s specifications and requirements.

Cup water, juice, lunch box, jelly, pudding, bean curd, soy bean milk, fresh frozen food, cold / warm food, agricultural processed food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. For many kinds of packaging product by plastic or paper cup / box.

1. Auto cup dropping.
2. Auto filling.
3. Date printer.
4. Lidder.

Dimensions: 700mm x 900mm x 2000mm

Power: 240V Single Phase

Weight: 110Kg

Capacity: 900 packs per hour

Max cup size: Ø180 x 100

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