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Saccardo TU100 Auto Shrink Tunnel

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Saccardo TU100 Auto Shrink Tunnel
The Saccardo TU100 Auto Shrink Tunnel works on the principle of synchronized immersion in hot water. A high output capacity is achievable thanks to fully automatic operation.


Structure:Completely realized in stainless steel
Motorised charge/
roller track:
Realized in the way the product cannot be damaged
Check panel:Digital, fixed on the front of the machine
Water level control:Automatic, with automatic refill of water
Water discharge:Throug the tap positioned at the side of tunnel
Water warming:By heating elements
Inner tank dimensions:750mm x 900mm
Immersion depth:250mm
Overall dimensions:2030mm x 1140mm x 2044mm h
Tank capacity:350lt
Electric voltage:400 V – 50/60 Hz – 3/PE –
Electric consumption:by heating elements 31Kw by steam 2Kw
Year of Construction2007
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