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PACIFIC 8 Rack Stainless Steel Smokehouse Trolleys

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PACIFIC 8 Rack Stainless Steel Smokehouse Trolleys
The PACIFIC 8 rack stainless steel smoke trolley is designed to fit into all larger smoke ovens with dimensions of (WxLxH) 1027x1020x1950mm, it can accommodate use of up to 8 wire mesh or solid trays and is also fitted with notches on 7 of the 8 racks for use with smoke sticks making it perfect for hanging, cooking and smoking all types of products from small goods, sausages, bacon, pulled pork, beef & chicken, smoked fish and hams. It's design allows for easy removal and change over of smoke sticks and smoke trays depending on your desired product. Manufactured from heavy duty 304 stainless steel with solid oven proof casters, it also features handles on the front and back to make manoeuvring of the trolley easy.


Designed for use with our smoke sticks, wire mesh and solid trays and will fit all standard single, double, quad cage smoke ovens.


Pacific 8 Rack Stainless Steel Smoke Trolleys

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