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PACIFIC 1000kg Flaked Ice Machine

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PACIFIC 1000kg Flaked Ice Machine
The PACIFIC 1000kg Ice making machine is suitable for any small to medium butcher, food processor, seafood manufacturer or food wholesaler who packages fresh food products or uses ice in in the manufacture of smallgoods, sausages or food products.


Working conditions for 1.0 Ton freshwater flake ice machine:

Max. Ambient temp  +550C
Relative humidity 85%
Standard water supply temp  180C
Power supply  3Phase/415V/50Hz
Refrigerant gas R507/R404a
Compressor type Scroll compressor
Condenser cooling type  .Air cooled condenser

1.0 Ton freshwater flake ice machine technical parameters:

Refrigerating Capacity 6450kcal/h
Daily output 1ton/24hrs (1000kg/24hrs)
Materaial of flake ice evaporator SUS 304 (The inside surface: S304 stainless steel; the outside surface: S304 stainless steel.)
Refrigerant gas  R507/R404a
Evaporating temp.  -25℃
Condensing temp.  +40℃
Total power  4.5kw
Total running current  9.8A
Standard water input temp. 18℃
Standard ambient temp.  25℃
Compressor Type  Scroll compressor  Brand name  Danfoss  Input Power 3.8kw
Speed reducer power 0.18kw
Water pump power 0.014kw
Salt water pump power  0.016kw
Flake ice temp.  -5℃~-8℃
Flake ice thickness  1.5mm~2.2mm
Flake ice machine dimension  1235*740*880mm
Net weight  250kg
Water supply pressure  0.1Mpa~0.6Mpa

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