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SOLD | Cryostar Spiral Freezer

The Cryostar Spiral Freezer is a large CO2 blast freezer that provides an efficient means to rapidly freeze delicate items, belt width is 300mm and the total length is approximately 100m and there is a 95mm distance between each of the 13 levels in the spiral. Suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications, such as bakeries, pizza and pizza pockets, fresh pasta such as tortellini & ravioli, fresh meat & poultry such as hamburgers, meat balls and formed products such as nuggets and seafood such as fillets, calamari, shrimp and formed products.


Dimensions: 3300 X 2700 X 2800 (mm)

Belt Length: Approx 100m

Spiral Levels: 13

Distance between levels: 95mm

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