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CES Cryogenic Spiral Freezer

Condition: Used/Reconditioned

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CES Cryogenic Spiral Freezer
Spiral freezing systems using liquid nitrogen (LN2) as a refrigerant. The CES spiral freezer consists of a freezer-belt encircling a rotating drum. The freezer-belt enters at the bottom of the drum at the infeed location and wraps in a helix to the top, where it makes a discharge. The belt returns through an automatic tensioner, take-up and anti-flip device. The heart of the structural system is the cage or the drum. The drum is driven and acts as a friction drive for the contacting inside edge of the belt and performs the vast majority of the work. The injection system and its controls will depend on the cryogenic refrigerant used, the size of the spiral freezer and the products to be cooled or frozen.



  • Applications for a very wide range of food products such as meat, poultry, fish, bakery products, prepared meals, etc.
  • Long residence time products
  • Able to process large volumes
  • In-line production, saves on time, space, and labour


ModelSF-CES-LIN-457-9-cc145-SR-UP PLC
Voltage3x380V WS + N + PE (50Hz)
Total Weight8000 kg
CoolantLiquid nitrogen (LN2)
Total power:15 kW
Belt Width (Effective)400mm
Belt Width (Total)427mm
Total Belt Length55m
Drum Diameter1006mm
Maximum Product Height95mm
Dwell Time (Min-Max)7 -> 30 min
Operating Temperature+20 °C -> -100 °C
Setpoint PT 100-180 °C -> -190 °C
Necessary LN2 Delivery Pressure2-3 Bar (Rel.)
Necessary Gas Supply Pressure2-10 Bar (Rel.)
Import Belt (Height from Floor)800mm
Export Belt (Height from Floor)2020mm
Overall Dimensions2650 x 800 x 1730mm

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