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Revic 1200L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader

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Revic 1200L Jacketed Boiling Kettle with Unloader
The Revic 1200L boiling kettle is suitable for boiling or blanching a wide range of products from fruit and vegetables, smallgoods and frankfurters to seafood and shellfish. The machine has a hydraulic basket for easy loading and unloading of products with the operator safety in mind.


Machines sizes range between 200L to 1200L in capacity


Made in Polland

Tank Capacity: 1200L

Electrical heating: 40kW

Power: 3 Phase 400v 50Hz

Machine Dimensions: 2600mm x 1300mm x 1100mm

Controls: Mikster INDU50

Water Connection: 1/2 inch

Construction: SS304 Stainless steel (SS316 optional)


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