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Elpress Crate Washer Ekw V45

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Elpress Crate Washer Ekw V45
Machine for the conveyorised automatic washing of crates. Fitted for washing 780 crates per hour at a washing time of 45 seconds with the maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 and a maximum height of 300 mm.


-Large capacity - 600-700+ crates per hour
-Possibility of cleaning pallets
-Transport sloping to the side to avoid water transport
-Re-circulatin wash water
-Solid guidings to obtain a proper cleaning position
-large accessibility by doors opening over the full length of the installation
-Maintenance friendly plastic transportation chain
-Nozzles are to mount or dismount without tools
-Spaying pattern per nozzle adjustable

Dimensions: ~495cm x 160cm x 192cm

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