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SCANPAC Tripe Washer / Refiner

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SCANPAC Tripe Washer / Refiner
Designed for the washing of tripe and stomachs, utilising a solid steel interior with added abrasion to assist in the better cleaning of the tripe or stomach.


• Stainless steel exterior
• Comprising of an upper and lower shell, motor, transmission system and rotating plate.
• Adjustable speed to suit different production conditions
• Built in dual variable speed motor
• Optional: abrasive carborundum interior pads for the refning of tripe


Model Power Voltage Cacpacity Weight Dimensions
SPTW600 4.5-5kW (Freq. Double Speed) 415V 50Hz, 3Ph 400pcs/hr (Sheep) 400kg 1700 x 1000 x 850mm
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