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Baader 696 Bone Separator

Condition: Used/Reconditioned
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Baader 696 Bone Separator
The Baader 696 is suitable for large butchers, small goods makers, chicken processors (for production of MDM - Mechanically De-boned Meat) of food manufacturer and is used to separate bone fragments, skin, gristle & sinew from pork, beef, chicken and fish reducing overall wastage and increasing yield. This Baader 696 has fully rebuilt, has been fitted with new belts and is in excellent condition, it is supplied with a 1.3mm drum.


Bones have to pre-minced to 12-13mm for this machine to ensure optimal yield

Capacity500-600 kg/hour
BarrelsSupplied with 1.3mm barrel
ConditionFully Reconditioned
Warranty1 Year
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