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PACIFIC Y420A Automatic Bandsaw

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PACIFIC Y420A Automatic Bandsaw
Introducing the new era of bandsaw safety with the PACIFIC Automatic Bandsaw. The A-Series fully automatic bandsaw is a state-of-the-art programmable bandsaw designed for hands free operation to maximise the capability of consistent cuts of fresh bone in and frozen meat, with minimal operator exposure to hazards and moving parts. It is equipped with an easy to use HMI screen which includes multiple recipe storage, portion control and conveyor indexing, fault reporting, cleaning and maintenance operation and customised parameter and operation settings.

Product is loaded into the machine and gripped by a set of pneumatic holding claws on the precision servo driven product carriage. The program is then ran with the product indexed forward on the carriage until it makes contact with a pressure sensitive plate that determines the initial start cut point. The product is then sliced until finished and fed out of the machine on a conveyor that can be programmed to run at various speeds or indexed to allow shingling of sliced product.



• 15-40 pieces / minute
• Hopper Size (L x W x H): 680 x 500 x 250mm
• Cutting Thickness: 3-50mm
• Blade cut speed: 32m / minute
• Weight: ~550kg
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 1980 x 1480 x 1840mm
• Power: 3.75 kW

Additional Information

Model Y420
Construction All 304 Stainless Steel
Machine Weight (kg) 250 kg
Machine Size (mm) 1055 x 934 x 1897
Table size (mm) 1055 x 934
Max Size Out (mm) 406 x 435
Motor 4.0 Hp / 3 Phase
Braked Motor Yes
Sawing Length (mm) 3150
Sawing Speed Per Second 37m

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