PACIFIC Y420A Automatic Bandsaw

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PACIFIC Y420A Automatic Bandsaw

Introducing a new era of bandsaw safety with the Pacific Y420A Automatic Bandsaw, a fully automatic, programmable bandsaw to aid in the slicing of fresh bone in or frozen meat, producing perfectly consistent slices with significantly reduced risk to operators, it is equipped with an easy to use and program HMI screen to define and store slicing parameters.
Suitable for: Boning Room, Butcher Shop, Food Service, Poultry, Smallgoods Production, Supermarket




The bandsaw component of the Y420A is based around our very popular Y420 all stainless steel bandsaw and shares all common components with the exception of exterior panels.

So how does it work? Product is loaded into the machine and gripped by a set of pneumatic holding claws on the precision servo driven product carriage, the operator must then move clear of the machine, the program can then be started, product is indexed forward on the carriage until it makes contact with a pressure sensitive plate that determines the initial start cut point, the product is then sliced until finished and feed out of the machine on a conveyor that can be programmed to run at various speeds or indexed to allow shingling of sliced product.

(Safeguarding and safety cage have been removed for the video and in the photos shown)


15-40 pieces / minute

Hopper Size (L x W x H): 680 x 500 x 250mm

- Cutting Thickness: 3-50mm

-Blade cut speed: 32m / minute

- Weight: ~550kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1980 x 1480 x 1840mm

Power: 3.75 kW

Machine Specifications

Model Y420
Construction All 304 Stainless Steel
Machine Weight (kg) 250 kg
Machine Size (mm) 1055 x 934 x 1897
Table size (mm) 1055 x 934
Max Size Out (mm) 406 x 435
Motor 4.0 Hp / 3 Phase
Braked Motor Yes
Sawing Length (mm) 3150
Sawing Speed Per Second 37m
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