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KT Fendo Oy FS-19 Slicer & Strip Cutter

Condition: Used/Refurbished
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KT Fendo Oy FS-19 Slicer & Strip Cutter
The KT FS-19 slicer and strip cutter is compact with a small footprint which is suitable for any small butcher, cafe or restaurant. The machine is gravity fed so it can process product as quickly as you can feed it, and also does not require product tempering to get an excellent slice.


No need to temper product to get an excellent slice

Slice fresh (0 - 4 deg C) with perfect slice thickness.
Fast capacity of up to 1,300 Kg per hour
Compact size with stainless stand and casters to move around easily.
Over 1,000 slicers installed over the years worldwide
Simple, sanitary design without tools needed to break down for cleaning.
Perfect slice thickness, unlike other slicers that rely on pressures or tempered product.
A second unit can also be added to this machine for doing diced and cubed meat.
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