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We are pleased to announce that we now offer finance on our full range of both New and Reconditioned machinery.

If your business relies on certain equipment that is vital for you to remain competitive within your marketplace, A finance lease can be the best option for you to acquire the assets you need today to help develop your business moving forward, without the stress of securing the upfront investment needed to upgrade your current equipment, which can be difficult for any business to manage.

We also understand that equipment needs to be upgraded regularly and sometimes at short notice, yet the initial cost of these machines can be restrictive to your operation, resulting instead in you choosing ongoing maintenance with excessive repair costs, as well as the potential of losing customers if the equipment is down for any extended period of time.

Scroll your mouse over each of the finance examples below to see just how affordable the weekly payments can be.

With our lease, rather than buying your equipment outright, your equipment is broken down into an easily manageable weekly payment, giving your business the freedom to improve and upgrade your equipment without any of the initial investment, allowing you to also utilise any additional income generated from the new equipment towards your weekly payments or operating costs.

One of the other benefits in choosing our lease for your business is the potential tax benefits. A lease will generally allow you to deduct your weekly payments as a business expense. This can significantly reduce your company's tax liability and any assets under the lease will also not be shown on your company’s balance sheet, which leaves your capital free for other essential business needs.

Our finance option is established for a period of up to four years, with the flexibility for you to purchase the equipment outright at the end of each year. If you continue taking advantage of the leasing benefits, your weekly payments will reduce by 20% at the end of each year with your yearly purchase price also being reduced significantly, allowing you to purchase the equipment outright at the end of the lease period for only $1.

Unlike a lot of other finance options, we do not require any deposits, upfront payments, bonds or hidden costs like document fees and application processing charges. The process is fast and streamlined, with the approval process generally completed within a few minutes.

If you are interested in getting a quote or finding out more information on our leasing options, please contact: us on 03 9469 2023 or via Email

(Please seek independent financial advice and see your tax advisor for more information. Please see terms and conditions for full details. Examples assumes 30% tax deduction)

*Credit criteria applies. Please seek independent financial advice and see Terms and Conditions for full details. Three weeks rent free promotion up to maximum of $1000 rent free. One offer per customer. Not available with any other offer. Eligible agreements must be settled by 31/07/2015.

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