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PACIFIC 400mm Continuous Fryer

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PACIFIC 400mm Continuous Fryer
The PACIFIC 400mm continuous fryer allows for a wide range of products to be fried continuously to a constant quality with the machines installed automatic temperature control oil cycle and dregs output systems.


 1. The host frying machine part

  • Production capability:400kg/h
  • Working oil temperature: 180̊C
  • Frying time: ≥30s
  • Highest temperature the tank withstands: 200̊C
  • Heating power: 108kw
  • Delivered power: a-0.55kw   b-1.5kw
  • Power of slag scraper: 0.55kw
  • Oil consumption: 900L
  • Used oil container: >900L
  • Input product temperature: ≥ - 10 ̊̊C (higher will be better)
  • Output product temperature: 70 - 80 ̊C

 2. The lifting part

  • Lifting power: 0.55kw×2
  • Lifting height:700mm

 3. Oil filter

  • Oil filtering capacity:6300L/h
  • Circulating pump power: 1.1kw
  • Oil filtering drag power: 150w

 4. Electrical appliances

  • Three-phase 415V input &digital display current
  • Touch-screen control & panel display
  • More accurate frequency conversion control of motor speed
  • Control of the lifting upper limit & electric lifting
  • Alarm system for short of oil and dry frying
  • Two-way transmission & emergency stop button for slag scraper
  • Solid-state module controls heating, with a soft-start function to reduce the impact of high current on the grid
  • Capability 108kw

Heating Power: 108kW, 3 way control

Overall dimension: 6000×1500×2200mm    

Belt Width: 400mm

Speed of Conveyor belt: 5-12m/min

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