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PACIFIC USK-12 Automatic Pneumatic Double Clipper

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PACIFIC USK-12 Automatic Pneumatic Double Clipper
The Pacific Automatic Double Clipping Machine is a highly efficient system that is safe, reliable and precise for small good stores, butcher shops, supermarkets and other meat productions. Featuring a U-shaped aluminium buckle, long operation life, pneumatic element use and obtains simple operation.


Electronic circuit control
Pneumatic control (using German FESTO parts, for long, durable & reliable operating life)
Easy, safe & reliable operation
Can be used for the sealing of sausages/chubs casings
Equipped with cutting knife
Automatic or manual operation
Automated production, saving time and effort in production - Link with any type of quantification filling machine for automatic production.
Durable build using high quality SUS304 stainless steel construction


Casing Sizes: 16mm / 25mm flat to 80mm / 125m flat. 
Compressed air: Working pressure - 0.5 - 0.6Mpa
Air consumption - 0.7m3 / min
Compressed air should be dry, clean.
U-type aluminum clip specifications: 210 type, 220 type
Corner diameter of casings: 45-110 (mm)
Dual clip spacing: 22mm
Power: Single Phase, AC 220V 50Hz
Weight: 103.5 (kg)
Overall Dimensions: 1260 × 550 × 1900 (mm)

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