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SOLD | Maga KOT-2 meat press schnitzel flattener


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This KOT-2 meat press machine is a European machine designed for the pressing and flattening of pieces of meat. The machine will result in a uniform consistent product of same set thickness. The meat press makes the meat smashing process much faster, easier and less monotonous, providing savings in both time and labour.

The machine is a perfect solution for flattening meat for schnitzel and other dishes, and is suitable for use in restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, butchers, and other places looking for a compact machine to flatten meat.
Suitable for: Butcher Shop, Deli, Food Service, Poultry, Restaurant, Supermarket
We are sorry but we are unable to quote on this machine, if you are looking for a machine similar to this, please contact us and we will attempt to find a quality machine through our network of food machinery agents world wide.


Used semi-automatic control Delimitation of the working space (which is the danger zone for the health of personnel) from the operational space (where preparation activities for the process is made). Implementation of structural changes to accelerate the operation of the device in relation to a single cycle of about 45%, which has a decisive impact on the electricity consumption. Reducing the amount of time and number of steps needed to perform a complete cycle of operation

Capacity: 500+ portions per hour

Thickness: 5mm to 30mm Power: 415V 50Hz 3 Phase 1.5Kw

Plate Diameter: 300mm

Weight: 100 Kg

Dimensions: 600mm x 450mm x 700mm

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