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Demo PACIFIC 330TC Chop Cutter / Meat Slicer

Condition: Used/Refurbished

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Demo PACIFIC 330TC Chop Cutter / Meat Slicer
The Pacific 330TC an efficient Chop Cutter that is precise for butcher shops, delis, supermarkets, small good stores and other meat production settings. Similarly to the Pacific 360T Chop Cutter, the 330TC features a high power motor and a slicing capacity of 0-30 mm and up to 240 slices/min and meat temperature of down to -18 without bone and -10 with bone. Suitable for bone in fresh meat slicing, and also suitable for slicing very thin shabu-shabu style beef, pork & lamb when the meat is crust frozen.


Model Pacific 330TC
Dimensions (mm) 1720MM x 970MM x1100MM
Construction All Stainless Steel
Machine weight 700kg
Power requirements 3Phase - 380/415V - 60/50hz
Motor 3 Phase 3HP
Power 220V 1.0KW Servo Motor
Slice Capacity 0~30mm - 240 Slices/Min
Meat Temperature -18 (boneless) -10 (bone in) to 0 Degrees Celsius
Width of outfit chute (cm)33
Depth of outfit chute (cm)22.5

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