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PACIFIC 150L Vacuum Massager Tumbler

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PACIFIC 150L Vacuum Massager Tumbler
The Pacific 150L Vacuum Tumbler & Massager, with a capacity of approximately 90kg of meat or poultry is used in the preparation of marinated meat & poultry products. By applying a vacuum to the rotating chamber, moisture and marinades are drawn into the meat & poultry which significantly reduces marinating times. Additionally, the rotary action of the chamber continuously flips and tumbles the product helping to tenderise it and also ensures an even & consistent coating of spice rub or marinade. This machine is suitable for beef, lamb, pork, poultry and tougher seafood such as squid & octopus. Vacuum tumblers/massagers are commonly used in the production of marinated chicken, beef, lamb & pork, ham, bacon, souvlaki meat, squid, octopus, ribs, jerky, biltong & much more. This machine has manual controls & interface, rotation speed is adjustable from 2-18rpm in a single direction only, an adjustable pause delay can be set, and a total process time can also be set when finished the machine will stop, it also features a liquid trap to make certain product does not end up in the vacuum pump, full stainless steel construction from food grade 304 stainless steel and is designed to fit a standard 200l stainless steel bin underneath the drum for unloading.


Capacity~90kg of meat or poultry
Drive Power0.75kW
Vacuum Pump Power0.75kW
Tumbler SpeedAdjustable from 2-18 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1330mm x 650mm x 1275mm

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