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Techik IMD-I L80 80mm Pipe Line Metal Detector

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Techik IMD-I L80 80mm Pipe Line Metal Detector
Introducing the highly advanced, designed and engineered in Germany Techik IMD-I L80 Pipe Line Metal Detector, featuring cutting edge and advanced features to ensure a consistent high foreign object detection rate and ease of setup and use. The IMD-I L63 features a pipe diameter of 80mm made from food grade Teflon, it can withstand high pressure and heat, making this pipe line metal detector suitable for sauces, jam's, and lower viscosity product such as mince meat.


  • Fast clamp connection and installation
  • Compact design, custom heights and pipe lengths available
  • Teflon food grade inner tube, high temperature and pressure resistance
  • Fast and accurate reject valve, which helps minimise material loss
ModelIMD-I L80
Detection Diameter80mm
Detection Sensitivity (without product)Sensitivity Iron - 0.8mm
 Sensitivity Steel - 2mm
Air Supply≥ 0.5 Mpa
IP RatingIP66
Alarm ModeAutomatic Valve Rejection
Power240V / 50Hz
AccessoriesMultiple sizes of plastic encased test pieces in Stainless Steel & Iron
CECD ISO9001 Certified
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