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PACIFIC 300mm Continuous Fryer

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PACIFIC 300mm Continuous Fryer
The PACIFIC 300mm Continuous Fryer has a travel length 1.8 meters and a variable speed belt (adjust frying time from twenty seconds to ten minutes) to suit cooking any variety of products from formed chicken products such as nuggets, potato cakes, dim sim's to arancini balls. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, featuring a double 300mm wide conveyor belt to ensure even frying of product, a conveyor roll over system makes cleaning a breeze, automatic temperature control which can sound an alarm when unsafe temperatures have been reached and an over heat function will disable the heating elements if the temperature goes over 10 degrees from the set point, heating system is 30kw in power and the digital temperature controller allows for a heating range of 0-200 degrees celsius.


Dimension of Fryer2700 x 540 x 800mm
Internal Dimension of Fryer1750 x 420 x 250mm
Dimension of control box50cm x 35cm x 135cm
Thickness of inside stainless steel2.5mm
Thickness of outside stainless steel1.0mm
Thickness of delivery stent4mm
Thickness of upper lid1.5mm
Thickness of insulation course80mm
Travel Length of food for frying1750mm
SpeedVariable speed: 5-12 m/min (20 seconds to 10 minutes)
Electric control50Hz, 415V 3Ph

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