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Multivac R230 Thermoformer

Condition: Used/Refurbished

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Multivac R230 Thermoformer
The Multivac R230 is suitable for thermoforming and packing a wide variety of meat, poultry, pork, cheese, sliced meats and cooked products and is a great addition to any wholesale butcher, food processor or industrial manufacturer.

In good working order, currently in production.



  • 2 tracks one x 1 row
  • 420mm film width - 250mm cut off
  • Pack size Internal 230mm x140mm
  • Pack size external 250mm x 190mm
  • Photo Eye Cell for print registration
  • Year of manufacture = 2000
  • Flex / Flex
  • Rigid YES
  • Pug assist for deep packs rigid film YES
  • Gas flush YES
  • 7-8 meters long
  • 16 (8x2t) pack loading area

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